Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Brother of a Big Sister

It's tough being the little brother of a big sister!!

For starters - all the good hats are for girls, and all the houses have pink doors. Can't a guy wear a hat and do some cooking in a manly house?!?
I'm growing attached to a pink blanket and pacifier:

When I'm trying to cruise in my wheels my sister puts necklaces on me and they're kinda shiny so I can't bear to take them off:

There's way more Princess cups than Cars cups and my sister kinda likes the Cars ones better so she always makes me trade:

Even the balls in this place are strung up into some kind of girly contraption...

My big sister's favorite color is blue so I always get stuck with the pink bucket. C'mon Mom - when are you going to get it and just start buying everything in blue!

Poor James - I think we need to start "boy-ifying" our house! :)


~april said...

poor james! this is too funny! love his frilly g-ma hat! ;)

Travis, Bethany, and Savannah said...

Uh oh, our little guy is going to be in big trouble! We don't even have a single truck or boy toy in the house - I guess I should start stocking up now!

It's Dangerous to Pick a Nurses Brain said...

Stinking Hilarious! Great post Sandy!

Kirk said...

When James gets a bit older, all you'll ever need to do to get him to obey/stop misbehaving/do chores etc. is threaten to show these pictures to his buddies.
-Kirk (Abbey's husband)