Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Busy Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy has been pretty busy at our house lately. Miss Haylie has lost 4 teeth in last two weeks. Most of them have been molars but all of them have fallen out fast. 

Suddenly she will tell us her tooth is about to fall out and then a few minutes later, it's out. We never even knew it was loose. Recently, after the advice of her friend Noelle, Haylie has decided to start writing letters to the tooth fairy. She asks questions like, What is your favorite color? Do you speak other languages? Can I have your picture?

This has created all sorts of new work for the Tooth Fairy, responding to letters late at night and trying to keep her new handwriting consistent!

The last tooth Haylie lost, suddenly fell out at the cabin one day. Haylie was staying the night there so we had some great concern if the tooth fairy would be able to find her and leave her regular $2. Thankfully, Grandpa came to the rescue. He used Google to find the tooth fairy's email address and they quickly fired off a note to Fairy Land explaining Haylie's change of location. The tooth fairy found her that night and was so pleased Haylie had sent an email, the generous tooth fairy even gave her an extra $.  She/he wrote a note that was different handwriting but Haylie was so pleased that the tooth fairy found her, she didn't even notice! James, unfortunately, is still eagerly awaiting his first chance to get a visit from the tooth fairy!!!