Sunday, December 30, 2012

Discovery Center

We went to Southern CA for Casey and JoAnn's wedding but we figured we would make the most of it while we were there. In addition to a planned Disneyland trip, we went to the Discovery Center in Santa Ana. It was such a cool place!!! The kids loved all the fun things to do and explore there! We spent over 5 hours playing and could have easily spent more time!!! Right out front there was a snow machine which the kids probably could have spent 5 hours playing with by itself!! Other than that some of the other exhibits we loved included the giant body mold which we had fun taking pictures of, the fossil scavenger hunt, the edible race cars made out of candy and crackers (which they built, raced and then ate), the live hockey demo, the bed of nails, the rocket ship simulation and the special Indiana Jones adventures. We really hope to come back here again some day!!