Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in Maine

For Thanksgiving we traveled to Maine to meet new baby cousin Paxton and see Uncle James and Auntie Bekah's home there. It was great having the chance to spend Thanksgiving together with Bekah and James. We were sad Raider couldn't make it! The kids loved meeting their new cousin and taking turns holding and feeding him. Haylie of course wanted to be a big helper all the time!! While in Maine we also got to see Sandy's old friend from Junior High!! Josh and his wife Melissa and their kids moved to Maine a few years ago and live right in the same town where James works - Portland, Maine. It was such fun catching up with them, visiting their home and enjoying some tacos from Josh's Taco Truck - Hella Good Tacos. Sandy and Bekah got some time to wander around downtown Portland and do a little shopping and then we all enjoyed Thanksgiving at James and Bekah's house with some of their Coast Guard friends. We even got a group shot and Bekah's friend stood in for Raider so Sandy could photoshop him into the family photo. He was a little surprised when he saw the photos of himself on Instagram. He didn't realize he was in Maine and Sacramento at the same time!