Friday, April 29, 2011


Haylie had her first jog-a-thon at school. She practiced for weeks, running circles around the pool table and running laps around the playroom at the gym. She felt she was primed and ready to run some major laps!

When they set out Haylie was rarin' to go. She even tried to pass kids who were moving too slow. She made it a couple laps running and then started walking about half of each lap for the next few laps. We loved watching her Nanny, James and Cathy came too. Haylie was SO cute running / walking...y the end she was walking the whole lap and had little interest in running. Mommy jogged a couple laps next to her to motivate her but once I walked away she was back to walking. The funny thing was, not only was she walking but I don't think she could have possibly walked any slower. She was TIRED and it showed. It was so funny to watch in fact, several of the teachers came up and joked with me about it afterwards. Her Kindergarten teacher said she doesn't think she has seen anyone walk slower than Haylie managed to. Guess our last name is deceiving - Haylie loves to run as much as her Mommy does. All in all I think she ran / walked about 10 laps - costing Mommy and Grandma about $10 each. (I didn't do a good job asking for pledges - Haylie will learn that will be on her as she gets older). :)

She got her treat in the end and that was good enough for her. She even asked for one for her brother - such a thoughtful little girl!