Monday, March 28, 2011

Grandpa's Tahoe Birthday

We had a fun time staying in Grandma and Grandpa's nice condo to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. We loved our room looking out over the snow-capped trees and Northstar Village.

While the boys were skiing the kids and I ventured around the resort. We spent most of the day playing games in the arcade and winning prizes in the machines.

I spent all my quarters in the jukebox so I had some good music while we roamed around from game to game. We had the place to ourselves so we were just playing, singing and dancing.
The boys came back later and checked the place out:

Our attempt at a photo with the kids:
Later the kids and I ventured around to find an area to sled. We were pretty unsuccessful in finding a good spot and settled for some snowball fights. I just love weekends away with the family.