Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time for Timeout?

I seem to recall just after Haylie's first birthday is when her little tantrums began. Well James is making sure he doesn't fall too far behind. Ohh - he is developing quite the little temper! It's tough being a little brother because you have to share your toys, you sometimes get knocked over by big sis when you are touching her favorite baby doll and worst of all you don't get all of Mom and Dad's attention. As much as we try to intervene in the budding sibling rivalry it's difficult to know when to punish and when to let them work it out. James has definitely learned to fight back though. The other day Haylie was standing in front of the mirror talking to her herself when James walked up and pushed her out of the way and said "No!" He really doesn't like taking turns either, that usually sets off a tantrum which lands him in timeout. The amazing thing is how much he understand though at such a young age. Sometimes he gets mad and tries to hit and say no, but when I say, "do you need to go to timeout?" he quickly puts his head on my shoulder to give a little hug, hoping that will get him out of it. I can't wait to see how his little personality continues to develop as he learns what's right and wrong in life.


Kirk and Abbey said...

Oh! We recognize that sad face in our house, too! I've been wondering about when/how to start disciplining Claire. It doesn't seem that there is much that I can do to reprimand her at this age. (I can't really take away anything, for example). Mainly I just divert her attention.

Any books you recommend on the subject?